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There are currently no programs or events scheduled.
Please check back for new programs in 2016.

Please see
our past programs page to learn how we have explored and expanded our understanding of relationship-centered care over the years.

Also, please DO take time to explore the links below. Learn more about the development of the concept of Relationship-Centered Care as supported by the Fetzer Institute AND about the teaching model we developed locally in Southwest Michigan.

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The Mission of the Relationship-Centered Care Network of Southwest Michigan is to promote caring relationships within the healthcare community.

What is Relationship-Centered Care?

Relationship-Centered Care is at the heart of healing. It is health care that values and centers on the relationships that shape the context of care, including:
  • healthcare professionals and patients;
  • persons as they care for themselves and one another;
  • healthcare professionals and the communities they serve;
  • healthcare professionals working together across professions;
  • health professions educators teaching and learning with their students;
  • healthcare administrators adn managers as they shape the environment and resources for care;
  • individuals with concerns for healthcare relationshihps;  and
  • self-awareness and self-care.

The Relationship-Centered Care Network of SW Michigan has developed a conceptual teaching model. Click her to see: 
The Expanding Cup Model of Relationship-Centered Care 

Click to see and/or download Health Professions Education and Relationship-Centered Care, the 1994 Report of the Pew-Fetzer Task Force on Advancing Psychosocial Health Education. This is the document that coined the term and created the conceptual framework for Relationship-Centered Care.

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