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The Relationship-Centered Care Network - SWMI is for individuals and organizations inside and outside the healthcare field who recognize the potential of relationship-centered care. There are no dues or requirements to join the network.

To be added to our network email list please email us at:
You may also contact Bill Reed, Network Coordinator, at: 

The Forum of Greater Kalamazoo
1120 Lakeway Ave. Suite 2 
Kalamazoo, MI 49001 
Phone/Fax: (269) 324-0512 

We invite you to join us in promoting relationship-centered care in Southwest Michigan, in your organization or in your personal work life. Although your interest may be limited to attending our education/networking events, you are also invited to be part of the volunteer Coordinating Team that guides network activities.

Meet the RCCSWMI Coordinating Team:
Alice Asmus
Kelly Becker
Barb Groh
Sandra Hart
Anita Heyman
Beth List
Bill Reed
Mary Shoup
Judy Thorburn
Cindi Whitney
Virginia Worthy
Jackie Wylie
Debbie Lull

Contact us with any questions or to pursue your interests.

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